Parents, if you want wonderful pictures of your children, never teach them to say "cheese"! Please learn from my mistake or you will have thousands of photos just like mine - squinted eyes, scrunched up noses, clenched teeth, and an image that just screams "say cheez!!!". Join me while I search for that one perfect shot that doesn't conjure up images of dairy products. Oh, and unless you like that *messy* look, you'll probably want to clean their faces before you snap away. I never seem to remember myself.

An imporant sidenote is to make sure you document your life! Recording the little details of the who, what, where, when, & why makes for wonderful stories and captures your life for years to come. Because if you are like me, you'll forget it all 5 minutes later!

Monday, February 18, 2008

The pumpkin patch is sprouting {RP Post}

Another little P-pumpkin seed was planted and is blossoming. Yes, we are expecting our 4th child late this summer! It is quite exciting, and I am quite tired. I never realized how much energy it takes to grow a new pumpkin when you are tending to a whole patch of pumpkins already!

In other news...N is quite the natural skier! Ken took N&J to Vermont last weekend for their first ski trip and all had a blast and can't wait to go back. I had to stay home to watch the dogs so no cool photos to document the experience. :-(
Hopefully we'll head back there soon so I can get in on the fun.

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