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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


September 25, 1989. That is the day I started dating my husband. September 1, 1996. That is the day I married my husband. March 24, 2009. That is a day I want to erase from our life.

We met so long ago and have spent more than half of our life together. I find that fact utterly amazing. We've been through so much together and love each other with all of our being. Ken is such an incredible man, father, husband, friend, and just a wonderful person. Which is something impressive considering the crap he's been faced with.

His dad died from cancer when Ken was only 17. Three short years later he lost his mother, also to cancer. Most people would crumble if they had to endure these events in their life. Many a man has been driven to drugs, alcohol, crime and worse when faced with such devastating circumstances. Not Ken. No, he instead focused his energies on his schooling and career and me. Instead of falling into a deep hole and struggling with demons, he choose to make his parents proud. He knew they would be watching over him and he wanted them to know he would survive, even thrive, and that he would be a successful and compassionate person. He wanted to fulfill whatever dreams they may have had for him.

And he has. He is a fantastic person. He is caring. He is loving. He puts me and our four children ahead of everything. He is so responsible and he is my whole world. I don't know what I would do without his support, companionship, love. I need him in my life. I want him in my life. He is my family.

We celebrate Sept. 25 and Sept. 1 as our anniversaries. Those dates are precious to me. The March 24 date? That date can bite me. That is the date that we found out Ken has cancer. Freakin' stinkin' testicular cancer. I HATE that this is happening to him. So many fears have seemed to erupt in an instant. The emotional turmoil, the uncertainty, the unknown, have swept over us and left us feeling scared and pissed and drained. Trying to remain positive is challenging. We know the statistics are in our favor. This type of cancer is curable. The success rate is 95%. The doctors said that if you are going to get cancer, this is the one to get. woo hoo.

So we are trying our best to be positive. We know Ken can beat this. I will fight this fight with him. I will support him and love him with all of my being, as he has done for me these last twenty years. I know he will survive, and thrive. I know he will make his parents proud. I'm proud of him.





Amy said...

Oh Lori! Please give Ken a huge hug from me. Please let me know if there is absolutely anything that I can do for you guys, OK? Watch the kids, cook, scrap, shoulder for support, anything.
Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I love you. I love you more than I could ever express. Mom and Dad are proud; they were always proud and they will continue to be proud. How can they not be? They are there right on either side of you.XO April

Jenn said...

Just wanted you to know i am thinking of sorry to hear this

Nicki, said...

So very sorry to hear such news and sincerely hope your battle is painless (as possible), quick and more importantly, triumphant. Well wishes!

Rick said...

Ken, Lori so sorry to hear from you with this awful news. You guys hang in there. Lori, here's a recipe for ramping up the immune system... 1 cup organic cottage cheese mixed with 2-5 tbsp. of flaxseed oil. Wished you guys weren't so far away. I guess our prayers will just have to do. We have quite a bit of experience with Chemo, so we will definitely be in touch. Hoping you miss out on all of that. Get well soon. -Rick

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

Lori - praying for you guys and wishing you the best - I'll be emailing . . .