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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chemo sucks

I suppose that about sums it up.

Not only does it take an enormous physical and mental toll on my husband, who just completed his first 5 days of his first cycle (there are 3 more cycles to go), but it is emotionally hard on the whole family. It pains all of us to see him struggle with the side effects of these drugs. I know he and I both underestimated what these drugs will do to his body as we've been a bit shocked at how much it takes out of him. I so wish there was something, anything, that I could do to make this easier on him. Feeling helpless sucks. My children especially are not immune to the effects of the chemo drugs on his body and spirit. I once thought I could shelter them from it, but I just can't. They see their dad tired and unable to eat or do much. They see my worry and concern for his health. They hear my irritable tone much too frequently lately; irritable from my insomnia and emotional stress. But I hope they also see that he is doing everything he can to cure himself of this disease and will persevere and triumph.

It is so ironic that these "biohazards" that are breaking his body down, wearing him out, and draining him completely, are the very things that are going to save his life so that he can once again have strength and vigor for years to come. Ultimately, they will make him an even better father than he already is and help all of us better appreciate the true meaning of life.

But still, chemo sucks.



And to end with a happier note, little miss M was in a sweet mood at one point last week. :-)


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Jill said...

Maya is beautiful! She looks so much different with shorter hair. I like it so much better now, and I didn't think I would.