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An imporant sidenote is to make sure you document your life! Recording the little details of the who, what, where, when, & why makes for wonderful stories and captures your life for years to come. Because if you are like me, you'll forget it all 5 minutes later!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I want to have a temper tantrum too

Little A turned one last week and had his first temper tantrum that same day. It was so funny to watch and made me laugh out loud - probably the first laugh I had in a while. All 17 pounds of him flung down on the floor, arms and legs spread eagle, and loud cries followed by a "bbbbbbbbbbbbb" vibrating from his pouty lips. I don't recall what ignited the tantrum, but I'm sure it was a very big deal to him.

If only adults could have such tantrums! I know I would really benefit from being able to lose it once in a while. However, that isn't exactly acceptable. But man, this year has really sucked and some primal expression would serve me well. I'm tired of trying to find the meaning in everything, sick of pretending that the glass is half full, going to go loco if I have to put on a facade again that "everything is fine" and I'm SOOOOOOOO over the mantra "it is what it is". I'm in need of a good temper tantrum.

*sob* *sob* *wail* *$%###$%*

Hmm, journaling my tantrum doesn't quite do it for me.

No photos for this entry. I haven't had the opportunity to photograph anything in a while. Yet another reason (in the long list of many reasons) I want to have a temper tantrum too.


Sara Badger Wilson said...

Lori - you deserve a big tantrum, glass (or bottle) of wine and a big pat on the back for being so strong and holding it all together. Thought with you guys...Sara

Anonymous said...

I am in FULL support of any temper tantrum you would like to have. Maybe you could throw dishes so they smash on the patio. Then you have an excuse for retail therapy. I have some dishes you can smash :-)

xoxo A

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

yes, yes, and yes - i totally understand everything you've typed - right down to the last $$#!

Anonymous said...

I am having a temper tantrum because you haven't updated in almost two months, you must be busy with four kids or something. Maybe I need a hobby.

your sister