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An imporant sidenote is to make sure you document your life! Recording the little details of the who, what, where, when, & why makes for wonderful stories and captures your life for years to come. Because if you are like me, you'll forget it all 5 minutes later!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Faith in Peas

Ok, so I have faith that you fellow Peas can help me! I've been working with my new 70-200L f/4 lens. I've had it for one week now and it is a bit hard for me to hand hold without camera shake. I have one more week to play with it before I have to decide to keep or return to B&H. So far I'm not overly thrilled, mainly b/c of all my camera shake and the higher max ap (I'd love the 2.8 IS lens for this exact reason, but can't afford it).

I took a bunch of pics of my ds on our porch in bright light(it was sunny outside and the sun was starting to go behind our house so were weren't in direct sunlight, but were weren't in the shade either. Make sense???). The setting was TV mode, SS 1/125, f/4, ISO 100, and FL of 87mm. DS was moving around a lot - sitting on a rocking bench and so the pics are not as sharp as I want. I couldn't decrease the SS b/c of my camera shake and I couldn't go wider on the ap, and, honestly, didn't think to up the ISO. Here is one of the better of the bunch and I tried a few different bw actions on them. What do you think?

Original, SOOC

With Aly's BW conversion from

With Brenda's BW Conversion from

With Mike's Dragan Monochrome Action, warmed from

With Mike's Dragan Monochrome Action, cool from

I think I prefer the last one best as I like the cool tones and like how the background is solid black, but am bothered by how dark his eyes are. I wish they were lighter like in the one with Brenda's action but have no idea how to accomplish this as I'm a total PS dummy (hence why I have the actions!). Advice? CC welcome! I have faith you'll lead me down the right path and have faith that I won't get pissed off from your CC. Thanks!


flute4peace said...

I'm not yet qualified to leave "real" cc, I can just give you my opinion. I like the Brenda's action and the Mike's action warm the best. But really I think that's personal preference (isn't that why there are so many different options out there?). It is a very cute picture. And I love your "cheese" story and pictures - made me LOL.

And I KWYM about the camera shake with a heavy lens. I have the same problem.

Joanne said...

I think I like Brenda's and then the last one. Cute kid. Love the curly hair, looks like one of those angels...

Sara said...

I like them each for different flavors- but agree that his eyes are too dark in the last ones.
You can lighten them by selecting just his eyes with the lasso, hit cntrl-J to create a new layer of just his eyes, and then either use the dodge tool (the magnifying glass looking one) or go to the "blend" options in the layer dialogue bow and select light, or screen or soft light from the drop down menu. You can play with the opacity (yikes, that spelling doesn't look right) once you have the look you like, also in the layers dialogue box.
I think I'd suggest cropping vertically as the top of his arm isn't really adding a whole lot to your composition.
He is a handsome boy! The pic is lovely a little soft. I have the same difficulty with my telephoto- that sucker is heavy!!!
you may want to increase your SS when using your telephoto, as shake happens at lower speeds with longer lenses. I *think* the formula is something close to ss matching approximately your focal length- ie., if you are shooting at 200, make sure your shutter speed is at least 200.
Good luck with your decison.

cherie said...

I like Brenda's action and then last photo too. Cute son.

Gin said...

I agree with you and sara. The last one is deffinetaly my favorite. All you need to do is lighten up his eyes like you said and it would be perfect.

PS I'm glad you did all the pictures with all the different conversion. Gives me a good idea of which one's I like the best having a side by side comparison. You've saved me a step in having to got through and test them myself.