Parents, if you want wonderful pictures of your children, never teach them to say "cheese"! Please learn from my mistake or you will have thousands of photos just like mine - squinted eyes, scrunched up noses, clenched teeth, and an image that just screams "say cheez!!!". Join me while I search for that one perfect shot that doesn't conjure up images of dairy products. Oh, and unless you like that *messy* look, you'll probably want to clean their faces before you snap away. I never seem to remember myself.

An imporant sidenote is to make sure you document your life! Recording the little details of the who, what, where, when, & why makes for wonderful stories and captures your life for years to come. Because if you are like me, you'll forget it all 5 minutes later!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Lost Mojo

Gee I guess you do look at this lil' ol' blog now and then. Especially since you like to comment that I haven't posted anything recently. So sorry to disappoint you! It is just that I haven't had the mojo flowing lately. Maybe it is the dreary weather, the sick cranky kids, the old cranky me, or that I'm not quite feelin' it with this camera. Hey, yea, that's is my camera's fault! Now, if you want to help me get my mojo back and get me in the mood to post some images here for your viewing pleasure then all you need to do is gift me this AND this
Both items are essential to the rapid return of the lost mojo. And to show my appreciation I'll gift you back with a few complimentary practice photo sessions! :-)

P.S. I think if you included this I'd be really, really flowing with the mojo and I'd have the whole focal range spectrum covered. So, sis, I could take some really awesome pics at an upcoming event. Oh say, your wedding??? ;-)

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